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The Tiger & It’s Role In The Sports World.

Tigers are vicious animals that evoke images of swift, aggressive predators. They also look great with their colored fur coats. Many high school, college, and professional sports teams use the tiger as a mascot. Fans can easily identify with a roaring tiger noise as they cheer on the team. The tiger as a mascot also serves the purpose of getting in the heads of the opposing teams. Teams that use the tiger as a mascot often use uniforms Continue Reading »

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Why Sports Teams Choose The Tiger As A Mascot.

When it comes to sports mascots, tigers and other types of cats are among the most common. For a variety of sporting leagues, it is not difficult to find at least one team whose mascot is a tiger. Why is this the case? There are many reasons as to why the tiger makes for an appealing mascot for just about any sporting team.

For starters, the tiger itself is an attractive creature that tends to stand out from others with its bright, orange fur and black stripes. Furthermore, the tiger is a predator of many animals, making it a great Continue Reading »

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Using The Tiger As A Sports Mascot.

Many people may wonder what the benefit would be of using the tiger as a sports mascot. Teams choose mascots for a variety of reasons; one would be marketing, and tigers happen to give the sense that the team is fierce and will defeat any foes that come their way. Mascots can also be entertaining at a sports function, and everybody likes to see an excited tiger getting into the game.

In fact, many teams like the Continue Reading »

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The Image of the Tiger in Japanese Sports

In ancient feudal Japan, there was nothing more fearsome or ferocious than the tiger. Even the dragon in all its might and enormity could not hold a candle to the raw fury and passion that the tiger exemplified in the hearts and minds of the Japanese people. It’s easy for me to look all this up since I set everything up on my computer through but for those of you who might not know where to begin, I can help you along the way with what I do know.

For starters, the Japanese literary character for Tiger also happens to be the same symbol for strength, virility, passion and fire. The Tiger was first seen in early Japanese scroll paintings where they admired the beast for its fierce cunning, patience, and skill – all traits that the Japanese value very strongly in their society. From there, the tiger was revered both in legends and in aspects of everyday Japanese life and even today you can see people in businesses and even sports teams aspiring to have what the tiger represented. There is even a popular Japanese baseball team called the Tigers who fight just about as passionately on the field as the cat in the wild.

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Why The Tiger Is Such A Popular Sports Mascot.

Why the tiger is such a popular sports mascot is a great issue to think about. Many professional teams have decided to choose this animal to name their team after. Many of these teams excel in their chosen area, and this may be related to the feeling of power and grace that this animal evokes.

Tigers are known for their graceful and fluid movements. Many people are stunned by the simple beauty that they possess while stalking and hunting game. They often fill many hours of nature programs, and they are surely majestic creatures. They are known for their strength and speed, and many humans recognize them as the king of the jungle.

These characteristics can also be seen in any successful athletic program. Athletes also need to possess the same skills as these magnificent creatures. Movements should be done in an artistic manner, much like a tiger on the prowl. Scoring strikes should be accomplished with the quickness that these beasts use to bring down their prey.

Why the tiger is such a popular sports mascot, and why isn’t it more popular. These beautiful animals are known for the art form they evoke while on the hunt. They are just as exciting to watch as your favorite pro.

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How Teams Make Mascot & Team Name Choice.

When bringing in a new team to a city, most team owners have to come up with the team name and mascot as well. So, when considering what to name the team, many teams will either name it after a historic landmark in the city, or there are also many teams that will do a poll from the fans, as to what they want to see the team name be when the team enters the city. The mascot is usually Continue Reading »

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Choosing A Team Name – The Tiger & It’s Role.

When naming a sports team for a particular city, animals have always played a big role, and the tiger has been one of the most popular choices in the history of sports, no matter what the sport is. So, when choosing the tiger both as the team name and as the mascot, many teams go with this name due to the fear, and the force that the tiger is known to bring to those that it hunts down. Many teams choose the team name of Continue Reading »

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The Fierce Image The Tiger Mascot Brings.

When it comes to sports mascots, it is important to have a mascot that evokes a feeling of power, strength and determination. The mascot is is designed to unify a team and make them feel as if they can conquer anything. What better way to do this than to have the tiger as a mascot. The first known species of tiger dates back to over 2 million years ago. These animals have survived extinction for 2 million years, needless to say tigers are fighters. The tiger is the largest cat species in the world and they are very heavily muscled animals. They have sharp teeth and strong jaws. Tigers have powerful legs for running and swimming. The tiger, unlike other felids, do enjoy being in the water. They are excellent swimmers and can even catch their prey while they are in the water. So they excel on both land and in the water. These beasts are ferocious when they hunt. They are stealthy and can easily sneak up on their prey and attack within seconds. Tigers are powerful enough that they can attack prey much larger than they are without any trouble. The graceful tiger has been a symbol of power for many centuries. It is easy to see why this agile creature makes an excellent mascot for a sports team. When someone thinks of a tiger they think of strength, determination, and power. These are qualities that we want our teams to have. We want our teams to win and to prosper so that they can live up to their fierce name. We want to support teams that not only symbolize strength, but also embody it. A sports team with a tiger mascot should be proud and ready to win, because that is exactly how a tiger lives his daily life.

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How The Tiger Became So Popular For Sports.

How has the tiger become such a popular mascot choice for schools, sports teams, and society?

As we know the choice of a mascot reflects the desired traits or qualities of an institution. Common examples include predatory animals (tigers) with the fighting spirit. While tigers do not typically represent a local or regional animal in the United States, the tiger is still one of the most popular choices of mascot. The mascot is typically thought to bring luck to the group associated with it.

So again, why the tiger? Tigers are often known to be territorial which Continue Reading »

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The Tiger – The Most Used Animal In Sports Today.

The tiger is one of the most powerful and agile animals in the world. It is the perfect predator. It can stalk its prey with calculating precision and then destroy it just as quickly with unbridled power. It has almost no physical flaws at all. It is fast, strong, quick and beautiful to look at. That is why it is at the top of the food chain. This is why so many teams in both Continue Reading »

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